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Hyperlocal Retail Shopping App & Site Name

Domain Name Contest created 2 years ago


Hyperlocal Retail Shopping App & Site Name

Pick the Perfect Name

We need a domain name within 7 characters, with .COM extension, that may or may not be a dictionary name for a Hyperlcoal Shopping / Product Discovery App & Website. No Numbers, No Special Characters.

Our Target Audience are millenials and the purpose should be it should be short and easy to remember, and can be easily remembered. Can have words like App, Shop, etc, but avoid using words where same alphabet are adjacent, for eg. if the domain name is appping (app + ping), we cannot accept it as can be confusing. You may also think of some names that are no dictionary like names of sounds like Yahoo, Zynga, Wakao, Boom, etc.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: app shop hyper local retail shopping near next buy
wakao, shoparound, zingit, shopapp, nearbuy, seeNbuy, moshop
Words to Avoid:
fashion, site, numbers

Winner: Shopsup.com

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