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Subdomain Name Ideas

Name Contest created 2 years ago

Subdomain Name Ideas

Name Contest created 2 years ago

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I have a company/service, lets call it

I need to think of a name for a subdomain where users will log in.

For example

This is where the actual Software as as Service app will reside.

Domain Name:
Domain name is not required

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This contest ended more than 3 months ago. Entries are now visible to everyone.

Arch.DataBase Register
Arena.DataBase Register
CloudOn.DataBase Register
Core.database Register Register
Doorway.Database Register
Entrance.Database Register
Gate.Database Register
Gateway.Database Register
Grid.database Register
Hub.DataBase Register Register
Inlet.Database Register Register
Key.Database Register
Log.database Register Register
LogOn.Database Register Register
Portal.Database Register Register
Sky.DataBase Register
User.database Register Register
Wayin.Database Register

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