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A new premium sports equipment, gear and apparel boutique company. The term “boutique” refers to its exclusivity and small scale, and is a key characteristic of the brand. Naming, branding and marketing must be gender-agnostic and simultaneously appealing to both genders. In a world of mass marketing and sales, our primary focus is the unique individual and their practice. All our products are the result of superior design and materials, developed and manufactured in line with rigorous sustainability requirements. That’s our starting point. Our excellence comes from our unwavering respect for the uniqueness of every sports person and their practice. This is an online retail brand, with a global target audience with particular focus on the USA, the EU and the far east. The target market is of above average affluence. Short, simple, easy to spell and memorable names are highly preferable. There is no definitive preference for the "two main keywords" over the "additional keywords", feel free to swap, mix and match.

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