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The Main Concept Is Canadian Totempoles

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A Start up company based in Canada specializing in Totem pol marketing/manufacturing wants to start advertising to the Canadian local Chiefs of tribes/band. In future the company plans to grow into a Native Community portal helping the Native skilled tribesmen/women get work and market their wares online. The unique thing about this project is that the owner is a Native himself that is being assisted to help grow the Native Community each one help one. The consumers would be in British Columbia to start with and in the near future Canada as a whole and in the next year Universal through the Web.The name should show sincerity and affection plus tradition and culture with a lot of heritage.3 words to 5 words would be fine with the the length of the name. The word should represent the deep and cultural feeling for TOTEMPOLES since it is a religious/tradition symbol for the Native Canadians.

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