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Childrens Book Title - Chuck Burger

Domain Name Contest created 3 years ago


Childrens Book Title - Chuck Burger

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Meet Chuck Burger. He eats burgers every day. In fact, that’s all he eats. Chuck loves beef burgers done any and every way. Barbecued or fried, grilled or baked, he loves any kind of burger.

“Try something new” his mother said. “No Mother,” he replied, “Burgers each day makes the way” as he took another bite. “If all you eat are burgers, you will turn into one Chuck.”

“Just like Frank Furter” his mother said as she handed him a hot dog, hoping he would try it.

“Frank, your doctor, always loved hot dogs. He insists on eating them every day. He walks, talks, even dreams hot dogs. Now he is what he eats.”

“And Mac N. Cheese” says Mrs. Burger, as she hands Chuck a bowl of macaroni and cheese. He loves surfing up a storm. “High waves are the way I get my kicks” he would say whenever she saw him at the beach, “but mac and cheese gets me in the groove.”

“It’s so mellow, just like when I ride a wave.” He continues as he gulps down his mac and cheese. He too became what he eats.

“Remember Sue She our veterinarian? She really looks like a sushi roll. What a change. Whenever we see her, I give her a batch of my California Rolls.”

“She has been having sushi at every meal for some time now. Last week I took Oscar to see her, and she resembles her favorite food more than ever.”

“Postman Pete Zareeya loves delivering letters at this house mostly for my pizza. ‘Please add more cheese!’ he shouts from the mail box, and I always give him what he asks for.”

The neighbors are complaining about the cheesy smelling packages they have been receiving. “I can’t help that” he says, “I am what I eat” as he rushes to deliver.

Chuck Burger stood up from the table with a burger in his hand.“You are really very funny Mom, but I’ll be home for burgers tonight” he said as he waved good bye.

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Winner: ADifferentBurgerStory.com

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