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This name is for a brand new startup that is staged to take the custom apparel (think market to the next level. The company will be based in Europe so the name should be easy to remember and easy to spell even for non-native English speakers. The idea we want to convey with the name is that it is fast and easy to use and gives people a way to become InstaPreneurs (instant entrepreneurs). The platform will be much more than tshirts and hoodies (think bikinis, board shorts, aprons, etc.) so the names shouldn't be limiting in that aspect (no for example). If you want to gather demographic information on the target audience, you can just use tools such as,, or Facebook Audience insights to delve into our main comepetitors: Basically we are targeting male/female, 25-55 years old who spend money online and are interested in custom clothing. Included is a list of names that the team has already come up with and domains that have already been checked (most are taken) so please do not use any of them as your entry. You can however use them for inspiration as they were our attempt to come up with appropriate name concepts.

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