Millennial & Boomer Team Up to Heal Business Rifts

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Millennial & Boomer Team Up to Heal Business Rifts

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Wes, a Millennial, and Pam, a Boomer, are teaming up to break down barriers between generations in the workplace. We believe that people need to stop using the labels of Millennial and Boomer and get to know each other as individuals. The effect: Better understanding and communication at work, less employee turnover. The business outcome: A healthier culture, more successful business

Our target audience is CEOs and decision makers. Our goal is to do workshops, podcasts, and webinars.

We may decide to use my tagline “Numbers may drive the business, but people drive the numbers.”®

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Keyword suggestions: boomers collaboration communication culture gen millennials understanding y
Words to Avoid:
group hug (and similar ideas)

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