Brand Name for a Home and Kitchen Essentials Company

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Brand Name for a Home and Kitchen Essentials Company

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Looking to build a brand that provides its customers with Simple, Modern, and Elegant living essentials and sells a range of products focusing around home/kitchen but are starting with home decors, living daily products. We want to be able to build a larger brand which is why we want the name to encompass all aspects life, and life on-the-go, and as a whole. A name that sounds active and refreshing. Also that is very easy to understand and convey the message of the brand.

Targeting an audience of late-20's to late 40's, mostly female. The price point of the products will be mid to high end.

We emphasize Simplicity, Modern and Style.

Preferrably two whole words, if possible.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: elegant esstential freedom home intentional living modern reliable simple
livingedge, livingspace, livingstage,,,,
Words to Avoid:
Don't use words that aren't pronounceable. Made up words is fine as long as they relate to the theme (home, house, living).


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