I.T. Service Provider

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I.T. Service Provider

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About Our Business: We are a very small Managed Service Provider, providing IT services for small businesses. We focus on server management and networking. We are an outsourced help desk. We have been up and running for 10 years. We just need to do some re-branding.

Location: We are located in Kona, Hawaii

Words We Like: We like Hawaiian words, but not the tourist-y ones. We like technology words, but not too generic. We also really like words made up of two words like Facebook or LiveStream, etc.

Domain name must be : memorable, easy to pronounce, obvious writing, and reflecting a startup. The perfect name would be short, clever, descriptive of our technology and possibly with the mentioned of our location.

Example: The word akamai in Hawaiian means clever or smart. Something like Akamai IT or Akamai Computers would work, but that work is used too often.

Keywords: unknown We are open to anything. solutions, technology, kona, tech, IT, managed services

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: kona managedservices solutions tech technology
malamatech, konatech, itserviceskona
Words to Avoid:
aloha, hawaii, paradise, akamai, coconut, etc

Winner: KonaNetworks.com

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