Company Brand and Product Name for Online Employment Search/Matching Services

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Company Brand and Product Name for Online Employment Search/Matching Services

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Company is an online web service for matching job seekers and employers. The primary focus is offering tools and services that make it easy for job seekers to apply for jobs, manage their job search, and leverage their professional connections and social networks to maximize the effectiveness of their job search and help them manage career opportunities after they accept their new job.

Our ideal customers are internet savy employed professionals looking to move up in their career who need our services to make it easy for them to find and apply for jobs with a minimal amount of effort. They are likely to be extremely busy people with multiple responsibilities including family, children, and extracurricular activities in addition to work. So simplicity with minimal effort on their part is a requirement so they can be as passive as possible in their job search and career management.

Ideally the name would be short (preferrably one word), catchy, professionally modern, memorable and Web 2.0 in nature. Also, a name that captures undertones of simplicity and ease of use that maximizes their existing web presence would be perfect. Any name that also appeals to employers would be icing on the cake.


P.S. Any name must be an available .com and not include any hyphen or other punctuation.

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Keyword suggestions: advance agent amplify application apply assist build career concierge connect easy elevate employ help hire improve job leverage levitate link manage market match network produce professional promote propel recruit resource resume search seek serve simple simplicity simplify social stellar upgrade


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