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Name for Customer Experience Software Company

Domain Name Contest created 4 years ago


Name for Customer Experience Software Company

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please help name our company that makes customer feedback management software. We help companies capture customer feedback from many different sources and translate it into actionable business intelligence. Live, on the spot and structural customer insights to improve the business on many levels.

So we help companies to understand the minds of customers and how they feel across all channels. And make it easy for them to share this within the organisation and act on it to improve the business.

Our clients are mostly big corporates like Telecommunication, banks, automotives, government etc.

Other popular words for our business are customer experience, voice of the customer and enterprise feedback management. We use feedback forms and surveys to gather solicited feedback on the web, mobile, phone or in-store. We also have technology to capture unsolicited feedback such as from social media.

Using text analytics and smart reporting we tranlsate the feedback into insights in our backend system (The Suite). Very important in our proposition is that we help with "closing the feedback loop". What customers tell our clients is made actionable with our software within the organisation. Based on your role you get specific tasks to act upon the customer feedback. Our backend has many reporting and workflow features.

Companies use our software for improved customer service, higher conversion, employee satisfaction, loyalty, reduce churn etc.

So, we make the software ourselves and we provide business consultancy. We are based in the UK, France, Germany and recently in Hong Kong as well.

Please have a look at http://www.allegiance.com/, http://www.medallia.com/, http://www.mshare.net/, http://www.responsetek.com/, http://www.satmetrix.com/ who are in the same business

Name will be used both online and offline. So not just for a website, but for our business in general. And we prefer short catchy names.

Good luck and thanks!

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Keyword suggestions: closed customer enterprise experience feedback iq forms insights intelligence loop management of the voice opinion loyalty satisfaction metrics actionable echo interaction dialogue share listen to your customers mind
Words to Avoid:
customer feedback and experience management is totally different from traditional market research, so please do not chose names that associate with market research.

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