Personal Project and Task Management App

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Personal Project and Task Management App

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  1. The Application helps you remember everything that you want to get done and organize your life.

  2. It gives you a sense of things you want to achieve, how much progress you are making on each, and what you need to get them done.

  3. It understands what you need to be successful. It learns from what you are trying to achieve and starting collecting the information and tools you will need to achieve that task. Be it a conversation you need to have, a website you need to visit, a place you need go to or a person you need to be with, it will guess, ask you and it will remember.

  4. It will recommend tasks that you can do now, based on the time you have and what you have available.

  5. It is like a personal assistant, who always remembers all of your goals and dreams, and helps you make the best decisions about what to work.

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Evernote, Onenote, Anydo, Tweetbot

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