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Problem: Every company needs tools for intracompany collaboration, information sharing and keeping operational information. Companies’ backoffice runs the same pattern. People jumping from app to app to paper to access the data they need to perform their tasks and on email to communicate their progress to coworkers or customers. It causes a lot of noise & costs. There are many vertical apps, spreadsheets and papers for each process but they're hard to work with and expensive to maintain. Value Proposition: We provide a Suite of simple plug-and-play solutions, a "building block" like family of simple tools tied together with tasks, helping people to work seamlessly and improve business continuity. The Suite is natively employee-centric, simplifying day-to-day team communication & collaboration. Suite templates support most common backoffice everyday processes and needs. This groupware solution is extremely flexible, simple, fast to implement and scalable. Product Description: Simple, easy to use and flexible tool for backoffice collaborative work and information management. Comprehensive, ever-growing family of simple plug-and-play solutions solving common company needs such as employee onboarding and operational management, procedures, employee equipment, contracts, facility-asset management, meeting minutes, task management, projects, watchdogs, intranet, extranet etc. Examples of names we like, but .com domains are unavailble: Adaptio, Adaptivo, Airbridge, Airdock, Appik, Atwork, Clearwork, Cloud9, Collabrio, Easio, Easito, Flexee, Flowboard, Officio, Oneclick, Simplit, Taskly, Teamable, Teamflow, Teamity, Teamster

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