Epic Domain Name Challenge - Revived!

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I am looking for domain name submissions that cater to the Survivalist lifestyle, and those who want to learn more about being a Survivalist and/or a Prepper. The domain name will be used for a website that offers content covering a wide range of topics, including survival-related product reviews, informational articles, How-To articles, comparison articles, Best of the Best roundups, etc. The domain name CANNOT include the following words or ANY of their derivatives (such as appending -s, -ism, ing, etc. to the end of the words): - PREPPER (or prep, preppers, etc.) - BUSHCRAFT (or bushcrafter, bushcrafts, bushcrating, etc.) PLEASE NOTE : The domain name does not have to include the word "survival" in it! I encourage you to be creative and submit domain names that are abstract in nature yet relevant. - The qualities and emotions I want to convey in the domain name are a sense of security, freedom, self-sufficiency and self-reliance, nostalgia of the good old days, a sense of well-being and togetherness. IMPORTANT : No mixed or made up words. No misspellings like "ez" or "skillz". No hyphens or numbers. I prefer the name to be on the catchier, shorter side, and (creatively) serious and/or fun in nature. Thank you, and Good Luck! =)

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