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Vintage/Flea Market Booth & Blog

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I'm looking for a name with continuity, to use for branding both the booth & my handcrafts (crochet, refurbs, functional art, etc.,) as well as the blog I'll be starting. An available domain would be all kinds of bonus, but given the fact I see my online presence limited to social media & a blog for the forseeable future, a usable (available) user name would work just great. The booth will sell a variety of goods: vintage items/clothing, antiques, refurbed furniture, project pieces for DIYers, handmade crochet items, small wares, home decor, toys - in other words, a little bit of a lot of stuff, some old, some new. I'd like something that conveys ideas of serendipity, eclecticism, "you never know what you'll find" - a little fun, but with a little 'class' (which is my style, if I have one). I do have a few ideas I'm tossing around, but would prefer to save those until later in the process, since I'm hoping to get uninfluenced ideas - so will be leaving the options area blank for now.

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