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Education Technology training academy that provides holistic education to students between age 8 to 16 years. Holistic education includes areas like: a) Area 1: Higher Order Thinking Skills like analysis, creativity, critical thinking, and Learning Mindset & Skills like Learning to learn, remember & present. b) Area 2: Entrepreneurial Skills & Mindset like Financial awareness, vocational awareness, & Career Skills. c) Area 3: Emotional Intelligence like Compassion, Character, culture, values, and ethics. d) Area 4: Communication & Collaboration skills like interpersonal skills, teamwork, Social media communication, IT skills, and other soft skills. Apart from all this, we would also like to support students nurture their health and nutrition. We would like to provide an Enriching, Enjoyable, and Efficient Learning Experience to students. We would do this by /through... 1. Community that engages them to perform. 2. Mentors who inspire them by being role models. 3. Subject matter Experts who can guide and enrich Learning. 4. Facilitators who make Learning Efficient and enjoyable. 5. Coaches who partner with them to grow and develop. 6. Curriculum that leads holistic development 7. Synchronous & Asynchronous Virtual workshops 8. Real Scenarios, Practical Experiences of real data 9. Application of Learning by projects, presentations, surveys, etc. We would love students to become Smart, Intelligent, Collaborative, Compassionate, Entrepreneurial, Healthy Leaders.

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