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App Development Company (Iphone Ipad)

Domain Name Contest created 4 years ago


App Development Company (Iphone Ipad)

Pick the Perfect Name

A company developing consumer iOS apps, with a laser-like focus on user experience. Iterating and sweating the small stuff, the design, the details until the result is as perfect as a pebble, making one wonder why nobody else has come up with the same approach. Our apps strive to get out of the way and let the users focus on their tasks, their work, their life, with almost unrealistically intelligent little details that may not even be consciously noticed. We are happiest when our software feels like the extension of the self, something that works in complete unison with you, and anticipates your needs. A tagline could be "We dream about your dreams!"

A good name should be easy to remember, pronounce, understand, and spell.

  1. It can be fictional, but then it should be good, sound clever, like a real word, and have some hint at a meaning. Example: "Pixar" sounds like a verb in a Latin language, hinting at some activity with "pics" or "pixels." Or: "Google" is the number 10^100 which is actually called a "googol," but this misspelling makes it sound like a verb (as it has become since, to Google something).
  2. I realize that I would prefer an expression of two real-world words or more which have some intriguing contrast between the high-tech nature of app development and the humane nature of our approach. Something like "Farmhouse Software," or "Hand Made Software." Actually the latter would be my choice if it were available :(

The name should suggest that we develop software akin to an organic farm: in a small team, with care, love, attention to detail, on a small scale, in a friendly fashion.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: care craft delight design dream enable farm focus human intelligent iterate meta obvious organic pebble perfect smart smooth software touch you
Organic Software, Hand Made Software, Leap Motion, Sun, Apple, Intel, Pepsi, eBay, Caterpillar, Zara, Audi, Avon, Virgin, Delta, Adobe, Evernote
Words to Avoid:
app, ios, bot, script, launch, growth, basically anything related to business

Winner: HandmadeEngine.com

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