Lifestyle Site for the (Slightly) Older Crowd

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Lifestyle Site for the (Slightly) Older Crowd

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I am looking to create a lifestyle magazine site with a specific focus on the slightly older viewer. Example sites would be Lifed, Lifehacker and Addicted2Success.

Demographics for this are likely to be 45 years old and up, college educated, looking to get the best out of hard-earned money and with aspirations towards more freedom (including early retirement).

We are aiming to provide a one-stop portal for all the usual subjects of health, wealth and relationships but with an audience that might see themselves as more dynamic than their age might suggest.

We are looking for a memorable, brandable .com domain that can encompass all aspects of fine (or maybe aspirational) living. A feel for the domain name might be something that implies ongoing adventure in later years.

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LiveDeeper, WiseHacker, Lifehacker and Addicted2Success all have some of the right feel - more for the wise, life and deeper parts. Not sure about hacker for this audience.


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