Brand Name/Domain Name for a Podcast Focused on Creativity

Brand Name/Domain Name for a Podcast Focused on Creativity close

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We are looking for a brand name/domain name for a podcast/publication focused on creativity, intelligence and the power of the human mind. We plan to eventually have a YouTube channel and possibly be present on various other platforms such as Spotify, Facebook, Apple etc We plan to interview people(not necessarily celebrities) from different fields (tech, medical, science, arts etc) to understand what triggers their creativity, how do they approach new ideas and how do they use creativity in their work. We are ideally looking for a short, sticky and memorable name. In an ideal world, it should be available as a .com (so focus on that) and social media handles should also be available (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc). However, we do not want to constrain your creativity, so if you think some other domain extension would work/read better please submit it (but please avoid premium/expensive domain extensions as we don't have the budget for that or other extensions that don't make sense such as .org, .net, .gov, .edu etc). In terms of tone of voice, we don't have a strong preference between real and made-up words, however, my partner thinks a metaphor could work great for us if used creatively. Some keywords (but please don't feel constrained by these): mind, creativity, intelligence, talk, voice, vision, inspiration, work, power etc Thank you, everyone, in advance!

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Private Naming Project: Brand Name/Domain Name for a Podcast Focused on Creativity

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