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I have an idea for a website very similar to Kickstarter but with a different market in mind. I need a good name to fit the website. For those of you who don't know, is a website that connects people who have business ideas to people who have money to fund those ideas. Kickstarter was a great name for their website because it's about helping to get people's businesses started. I'm looking for a name that says something similar (a website that connects people/companies who need funding to people who want to fund them). However, my website will also connect people who need products or services for their companies to companies who provide those products and services so it's not just about funding projects. If possible I'd like a name that reflects everything we do but I may settle for something that reflects the funding aspect alone if it's good enough. My favorite idea I came up with was (a springboard for people looking to start/grow their business) but sadly it's taken. I'd rather not get into names like (same name but weird spelling). The other option is to come up with a good name that doesn't necessarily have to do with what we do but is still a name that would work. An example of this is, which is about household budgeting and doesn't have anything to do with mint. One of the ideas I thought of like that is but it's at auction for $10,000. A made up name is a third (although my least favorite) option. It still has to sound sophisticated and not silly (pikaboo and kajiji are silly-sounding names in my book).

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