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Travel App

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SaaS based travel app that syncs with the larger meta search engines to filter and dig deep into the results in order to group similar results to avoid information overload. Think of it as a sidekick to use along with your favorite meta search engine to decrease the search time.

We're looking for something simple that doesn't necessarily have to do with travel. We would just like it to invoke a visual image that is easy to remember. Cool and modernish. Feel free to use country TLDs to create something interesting, although we would prefer a .com.

Quick five minute name generation found these results, nothing really stands out - TravelSimp, BookingHelper, Serenitravel, GenieFavor, ZipKick, Tripry, Hulazy, ZenStrix

Thank you! We're super-excited to see what you all come up with!!!

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Keyword suggestions: simplify travel easy convenient fast intelligent stress free understands you helpful book search experience
simplebooking, automattic, tripit, hubspot, jetsetter, mixpanel, paypal, boku,, relayrides


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