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Private Social Media Platform

Domain Name Contest created 4 years ago


Private Social Media Platform

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For a platform that has some social media sides to it, but fundamentally is more of an intimate concept, where users have a closer connection with each-other. The site allows people to connect, posting content and messages, but not in a public form, retaining a sense of intimacy that does not exist in most Social networks.

Below are some of the words that relate to the project:

No illusions, Life, Reality, Intimacy, Family, Contain, Privacy, One to one, Friendship, Genuine.

The reason we did not add these words to the keyword box is because we do not want a name that is necessarily directly related to these words, these should be used as an inspiration. The name we are looking for does not necessarily have to mean anything, but it does need to sound great and brandable.

If the name is both brandable and somewhat relates to our principles, even better.

Please note that words like Intimacy should not be in the name, this is for inspiration only.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: connection contained family friendship intimacy privacy reality true
kontain.com - Unfortunately already taken, but if we could, this is the name we would have chosen.
Words to Avoid:

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