Clever and Elegant Name for B2C Online Shop for Household Equipment (50$ Extra f ..

Clever and Elegant Name for B2C Online Shop for Household Equipment (50$ Extra for Excellent Result) close

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We are looking for a brandable, easy to spell name for an online shop selling various categories of household equipment. - The shop is positioned towards the premium segment (prices ranging 30-150€). So, it is not the “cheap plastic stuff” segment, but also not “super high price” luxury. Therefore, target audience is rather well situated and mostly well educated. The type of products will be similar to sites like but less broad and not gadgets or plastic stuff. Here are some keywords/ categories/ values that the brand stands for and which could inspire the name: - - Home, living, house, interior (or things with a similar meaning like place, cave, loft…) - Premium, high quality, upper class, handpicked, elegant - Elegance, design, style, comfortable, enjoyable touch, sustainable, natural, beautiful - Feel, touch, relax, visual, manufacture Here are our criteria for an excellent name: - - Bring up positive & matching association - Soft sound (i.e. good: “homeo”, bad: “craftric”) - Easy to spell/write (i.e. good: “tersonal”, bad: “”), writable without mistakes for non-native speakers when hearing it - rather shorter than longer, easy to remember and pronounce/ spell - Name should have some depth to the meaning (e.g. second meaning to parts of it, some anchors in Hawaiian, Latin, Greek or similar (good example: Amazon “Kindle” - to kindle, bad example “HomeInteriorShop” – too boring and descriptive) - .com address available (desirable but not a must) - trademarkable is a plus (2 words combination will not do the trick) A good examples would be – but is is already taken. The name is for an EU based shop mainly operating in Germany, but name should work internationally. How to get the 50$ extra: - if you submit min. 5 suggestions and we chose one of yours as the winner you will get the extra bonus. Curious about your suggestions.

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