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We need a name that highlights both quality and affordability. Please focus on variations of affordability however not words like Cheap or budget. We want to appeal to a lower price point market, A family starting out wanting the look of high and furnishings but the price point they can afford.I do not want the name to appear cheap in quality. We want to appeal to young modern, chic, and up-and-coming professionals who appreciate quality but don’t have the funds to purchase high-end furnishings. So very important that the name has descriptive words or implies affordability just not the word cheap. No names with luxury in it. We already have a luxury online e-commerce store and we don’t want to compete with that this is a completely different From our existing store and not competing with it. Looking for catchy company phrase name ideally also a play on words. But name has to be intuitive. Want the name to really tell what the company is about not obscure or too abstract. The focus on the title has to be on chic, lifestyle, trendy, affordability and quality, store, shop, online.

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