Midwest Custom Home Builder and Remodeler

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Midwest Custom Home Builder and Remodeler

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Wisconsin home building and remodeling company with 25+ years experience building homes with wide range of price and finish detail. Our target audience is mature adults that appreciate value and the fact that quality materials and workmanship costs a little more than hiring the lowest bid. Our target audience is not looking for the lowest price per square foot, but the builder that does things right the first time and who has the experience and resources to find solutions for anything from building a quality modest 1 story ranch home to the client with unusual needs (building sites, floor plan, high end features, etc). We listen to our client’s needs and wants and talk to them about their lifestyle. We are big on upfront planning and communication which ensures our clients end up with a home they will love to live in. Our project management is very organized and involves a lot of communication. We have everything streamlined and planned out so client knows what to expect and when. It makes the building process pleasant rather than daunting like it could be. We have a warranty service program in place where WE contact the client several times within the first 6 months and then one their one-year anniversary and every year after their project is completed to make sure any questions or issues with anything are taken care of in a prompt professional manner. We build energy efficient Green certifiable homes. We educate clients about energy efficient and sustainable building options and help them choose the best options based on their needs and budget. We are looking for a name that is strong and timeless and speaks to building thoughtful quality homes.

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Keyword suggestions: builder / remodeler / quality / communication / organization / luxury / sustainable / design / build / custom / homes / upfront / planning / relationship / driven / customer / service / creative / solutions
Cornerstone Homes, Affinity Homes
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avoid trendy and cute

Winner: BlueskyHomes

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