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Hey guys. I'm kinda stuck here. I'm starting a new website, basically dedicated to all things loved by geeks. For example; video games, software, sci fi, anime, Harry Potter, etc. I own two domain names already that would work, but I'm not sure that I love either one. The 1st one is - I like how short and quirky it is, but the word "Geek" is highly competitive in search, with 50k monthly searches and an SEO difficulty of 50. The other half "Goop" would be competing against Gwyneth Paltrow's mega site, dominating every page of Google. The other domain I own is - It's fun and simple, search competition is much easier. 10k monthly searches with an SEO difficulty of 34. But, I feel like it's less brandable. So perhaps I should be looking at a 3rd option. I'd like something that starts with Geek or Geeking since Goodle give the most weight to the first word. - Thoughts? Suggestions?

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