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Need a domain and brand name for my new website. It's a curated coffee subscription service that delivers a different blend/brand of coffee each month. The target audience are a young, hip crowd. I like the name Amaro.. but it's already taken.. I also like beanbox (this is already a business).. but that's an idea for you. If there is a story behind the name (coffee related) that's also nice.. someone has already submitted an entry like this.. nice Good luck!

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    kats3meow1 posted 5 years ago

    • Joel : sounds good, but a bit weird haha
    • kats3meow1 : I like the 2 words combined, as it makes it really unique....but felt that it needed Java or Coffee Club or Java Loot .... It sort of creates a visual appeal to the coffee club....& would be easy to create a logo for could even create a Pirate Skeleton (to symbolize the naked part) with an eyepatch & a treasure chest full of curated coffee products.
    • kats3meow1 : Another idea is that you could also do regular "Java Loot" contests where customers get the chance to win some unique Java Loot.....& that would also motivate them to be regular subscribed customers....Just a thought for ya! :)
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