Online Cognitive Therapy

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Online Cognitive Therapy

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Pick the Perfect Name

We are ind the midst of developing an online and app tool for cognitive behaviour therapy aimed at treatment of stress, anxiety and depression. Clients will be both individuals and companies.

We would so much like an international name with .com and .info available, but it seems every time we come up with an idea - that idea has just been taken :(

The name we are looking for might be a single word that is "good to the tongue", like Joomla, Mindly or Spotify. Preferaby built upon some aspect of our idea, such as "mind", "menta", "sani", "cog" or "cogn". Or "pensa" or any other word, english or Latin associated with our product. NB! these syllables could be pre- or suffixes both :) The name might also include words such as "sky" "net" or "on" "online". Please do not feel constricted by the above - there might be names og combos out there we have not thought about!! Enligten us, please!

It could also reflect on the product such as "" (is taken however) or "Mentaline". The word "therapy" in itself should not be included in any suggestions.

The name needs to be fairly short (maybe a max of 10-12 char.?), straightforward and easy to remember.

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Keyword suggestions: cogn menta mind sanu tool wise


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