Woodturning Company

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Woodturning Company

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I make pepper mills, bottle stoppers, perfume holders, bowls and vases. We live in rural british columbia in the east kootenays, in the mountains. Our products are handturned and finished with the best exotic woods. We also rdssell all mechanisms for woodturners to make there own products. Our wood is sourced from fallen or dead trees. All our products used can be sourced back to the exact location we ordered or found the product. We also have artisan, handcrafted jewelry. All our products are one of a kind high end items. No two are the same. The name must represent the company as a whole. Thank you We also like words valley, mountains, back country old school, woodturners, but want a different company name, deal with exotic wood high end, resins etc. All are gifts for rich oil tourists, who love green crafted one of a kind items.

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Keyword suggestions: are / products / one / of / a / kind / the / artisan / handcrafted / wood / turned / and / also / jewelry / lot / if / epoxyresin / mix / they / made / in / our / shop / mountains / easy / kootenays / windermere / bc / company / promotes / green / we / have / back / story / behind / all / ie / pepper / supplied / with / mills / can / be / tracked / to / farm / it / came / from / cambodia / for / each / item / has / verified / source / comes / storm / fallen / trees / dead / standing / or / as / ausrptralian / burls / harvested / off / live / living / tree / continue / growing / hope / that / helps / coming / up / unique / name

Winner: WoodturnersDirect.com

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