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Website Recommendation Catagorizing Bookmarking and Social Sharing

Domain Name Contest created 3 years ago


Website Recommendation Catagorizing Bookmarking and Social Sharing

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Currently we are in alpha phase for this website. It is a link/portal recommendation engine for the web. If you click on a link or search for a link we will recommend other categories of links based on that behavior. Like if a friend were to recommend the best web portals that you would like. You then can pin this to a favorites column that you can get from anywhere (mobile, etc). Phase 2 will allow you to create custom categories of links and share on facebook, google+ etc. The current website does not allow logins but it is the alpha code and the beta will be up in a week or two. http://pacific-harbor-2547.herokuapp.com/ or www.somasoft.com is the current link and we have had a number of names that have not stuck yet - see keywords for samples. Thanks!

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: - *linkliker *sitsha / all ategor blogum blogumike bored... bracket catalink catchase.com categoriesfinder.com categoryfinder.com catgather.com cathunt.com catink catpi catpin catquest.com catrack catunk 'cause class classification create curiousity data discomark.com discovereez ease embark enu ez ezcase favlink fazink feedback fiero findcategory.com fish focus futuyu gathercategories.com gathercategory.com gatherinfo.com gecko go goodie group grouping gumike have heading howisurf i'm interweb inukshuk it kategore kenow kenu kerplop knew know knuyu knuyu.com learn link linklister linkrack links linkshare lookie looky-you.com mbark mehere mysytes.com negpo.com nepo nextweb noodle nooyoo nu2u nutuyu ogum perooz peruse pincat pipgip pone poneg.com populate racat recat recko reckoo recommend registered research roam search see set share siteshare sitesifter somasoft.com soogoo spore stick sugu sugyu surfer-paradise.com tack taken ticket tikkit top ur? urec usource uwreck web-harvest.com webography webrack web-ripper.com web-smorg.com webzoo woorec wrecker you zoom zoomin
knuyu.com - registered mysytes.com - registered discomark.com - registered somasoft.com - registered siteshare *sitsha linkshare *linkliker linkrack webrack catrack linklister sitesifter catalink catink catunk kerplop surfer-paradise.com web-smorg.com web-ripper.com web-harvest.com looky-you.com create populate share mehere ategor fiero pipgip catpi feedback nextweb pone nepo spore class classifi
Words to Avoid:
negative words, stay positive!

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