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Copywriting Website Needs Unique Fun and Exciting Name!!

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1. Planning to Launch a Copywriting Website soon that will offer Copywriting Services and obviously there will be a blog also. 2. Have come up with 4 domain names at the moment I'm tossing up between but would love to be presented with some more options. 3. In addition to Copywriting I will also be offering Keyword Research, SEO and Marketing services. 4. Everything is a 360° process with the work I do. 5. You can either have "Copy" in the domain name with another word and feel free to include "360" too. For example (domain taken as it's a premium one). PLEASE ONLY DOMAIN NAMES 15 CHARACTERS OR LESS AND IDEALLY 12 CHARACTERS OR LESS. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO RHYME AND BE TOTALLY UNIQUE (INCLUDING MAKING UP WORDS) IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE THE BEST OUTCOME FOR THE DOMAIN. In addition to .com also want .ca and available (but not essential). Thank you and Good Luck! Kieran

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