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We Develop Location and Security Aware for the Mobile Market

Domain Name Contest created 6 years ago

We Develop Location and Security Aware for the Mobile Market

Domain Name Contest created 6 years ago

Pick the Perfect Name

Hold a Contest to get name suggestions from our community.

Our startup company develops location and security aware applications for the mobile market (ios, android, ipad, iphone, blackberry, etc).

Our first product is an app that tracks where you go and keep your family and friends informed, in case of an emergency.

We are looking for the STARTUP COMPANY Name... and not for the product.

We am open for any of the chosen extensions .com, .net, .me, .us, .ca, .it, .ly, .ai, .la, .es) , but if you are going to suggest a name that has an extension other than .com, We need it to be part of the name ex:,,,, etc.

The name has to sound cute and jokingly. Please DO NOT USE words like TRACK (AND ANY VARIATIONS), SAFE, SPY, FOLLOW, KIDS... nothing that would imply that we are a spy company (because we are not).

Also please DO NOT USE the following words (you can use the semantics, but not these words): CELL, PHONE, MOBILE, SECURITY, LOCATION. PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE WORDS OR ANY VARIATIONS OF IT.

Maximum letters in domain name is 10

Maximum words in domain name is 1

No dashes in domain name

No numbers in domain name

Slang may be used in domain name

Made up words are fine, as long as it can be pronounced.

Name in another languages will be acceptable as long as it can be pronounced.

Although 2 word names will be acceptable, I will be giving preference for ONE WORD names.

Thank you,


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