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New Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Book Review Site

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So I'm trying to come up with a domain name for the new book review site I'm about to launch. I plan to focus on paranormal romance as well as fantasy, urban fantasy, and some sci-fi crossovers (primarily those with romantic elements), so the audience will be women who read that kind of fiction (most likely ages 18-35ish). I need a smart, catchy, fun domain with a hint of sexy/edgy to it if possible.

Please note that I don't care much about inclusion of keywords. I just want it to be memorable, fairly easy to spell/pronounce, and easily connected with its subject material (e.g. a name that includes a female mythological creature or goddess, etc.) Including some kind of clever play on words would be great (for instance, "novel" is both new and indicates the type of book I review).

The name I had originally selected was (a satyress being a female satyr -- head/torso of human, legs/horns of goat) -- satyrs were pretty sexual, naughty mythological creatures, so depicting a contemporary version of one could be fun. I still love the name, but people may have trouble sharing it verbally with one another due to the unfamiliarity of spelling/pronunciation. I'm hoping others can help me capture the same "feel" without a word people will stumble over.

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: book fantasy paranormal review romance
Words to Avoid:
eve, mod, venereal, virgin, any word directly pertaining to sex or sexual parts, any male deities or mythological creatures, female mythological creatures that are weak/damsels in distress


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