A Female Lead and Female Focused Film Production Company

A Female Lead and Female Focused Film Production Company close

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Hi All...I need a name of a production company with matching website. we are a female lead production company and all our movies are female focused (female gaze). Our movies are erotic and do focus on female pleasure and are sex positive. Our movies cover all genres (gay, heterosexual, etc), they are full narrative films, using explicit sex as an element. So the name cannot box us in. ***NEW INFO*** The name needs to sound like an erotic movie site (geared towards women). An example could be (which is taken) / (the pleasure planet from Star Trek) / / The name should be short, sexy and fun. Name must be easy to spell. Name must be easy to remember The name does not need to have the word; Film / Movies / Entertainment as part of the domain name *** NEW INFO 2*** A lot of these names are very clever, but are not easy to spell, pronounce or remember. Please keep it simple.

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