Web Development Consulting Company

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Web Development Consulting Company

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Important: I'm looking for something distinctive that won't blend in with the competition. Some competitor names are: Inviqa, Blue Porabola, Soliant Consulting, Classy Llama, Jadu, Magma Digital, Zend, Pale Purple, King Foo, Enrise, in2it

We provide consulting on web development. deployment, best practices, etc. We also provide full-service web application development as well as on-site and remote training for web development topics. In addition to that, we have side projects that we develop in our own time, such as open source projects and free/paid online services (which have their own separate names).

Please don't feel like you need to use the keywords provided -- I simply provided them to help clarify the area of business and words associated with what we do. I'm not convinced these words need to be in the name.

I'm open to variations on the domain if the .com is registered, as long as the .com is not a related company or direct competitor. (Update: I've changed this contest to either available/aftermarket domains in hopes it'll spur a bit more uniqueness in the entries)

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: code consulting development programming software web
Automattic, The Obvious Corporation, New Relic, 37 Signals, Mashery, Riverbed, Akamai

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