Overstock Truckload of Merchandise Open to Public Business Website and Retail

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Overstock Truckload of Merchandise Open to Public Business Website and Retail

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This name has to be a good business name because the website name will be the same as the actual brick and mortar store name.

I run a business where I buy truckloads of new products ranging from basketball hoops to patio furniture to gun safes and sell it to the public at half or below retail value. Need a new PROFESSIONAL name for the business where people come to pick items up and for the website. We get truckloads in all the time. The business model is very simple and to the point. We get pallets of the truck get all the items separated then sell them individually. We have a warehouse/showroom that is open to the public. We are looking for a good name for the website where we show all the items we have in stock that we update daily. Also the name we are looking for will be on the side of our building so a name that is easy to understand and read. We are looking for a business name that describes what we do, sell new condition products at half or below retail value. Great bang for the buck :) I would prefer nothing cheesey, rather something clever that shows we sell good product and a lower price.


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Keyword suggestions: buyers deal deals direct discount liquidations liquidators markdown overstock overstock retail sellers

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