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Hello, I am rebranding my current graphic design and print business. I want a more catchy and interesting name than I have at the moment. It has to fall under at least 2 or 3 of these rules: Simplicity, memorable, personality and different. The name has to end in "_______ Creative". I like names that relate/hint at the design industry, however it has to sound good and I am struggling to get one that relates and sounds good. I DONT like things like: Crop Creative, Hue Creative, Pencil Creative, Typeface Creative etc... as these are just words thrown together. I am looking for something that sounds good and is really clever and unique. Also.. it doesnt necessery have to relate to the design industry as a lot of creative agency names are very random but do have some meaning. Eg. I like... Upside Down Creative (slight link to looking at things from a different perspetive in design, breaking the rules etc). I also like... Fluid Creative, Oooze Creative, Oomph Creative, Zest Creative, Buzz Creative... (as these imply the brand is fresh, with-it,). I also really like the name "Hat-Trick Creative" as this is really unique and memorable and you can use the theme in the branding. I also really like: Rocket Creative (aiming high), Hype Creative (craze), Verve Creative (meaning full of energy), Evolve Creative (how design is constantly evolving), White Hat Creative, Exposure Creative (relates to brand exposure). However all of these names are already being used, these are just examples that I like. If your name has a special meaning please leave a comment about it. I would really like to use the word Pixel. I have seen an agency called "PixelKicks", and love this however its already taken. Suggestions using pixel would be good. I would appriecate both options of names that relate to design industry somehow, and options that are quite random but do have some kind of link (as explained above). Good luck!! ;) and Thanks very much.

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