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Local Laundromat Name

Name Contest created 2 years ago


Local Laundromat Name

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3 young business owners have come to acquire a local laundromat. The laundromat is currently closed but will re-open in 1 month after renovations. We need a name which lets customers, pedestrians, and traffic know exactly who we are and what we do. We wash clothes. We are a laundromat but want something a little more original than just, "Laundromat". We need customers to know we are a laundromat, or that we wash clothes. Ideally the name will be short, sweet, catchy and to the point. The target audience would be locals who frequent the area. People older than 20 years of age who might need to use a laundromat.

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Keyword suggestions: clean clothes clothing dry laundromat laundry soap suds wash washing
wash king, family laundry, washio, Laundry Foundry

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