Business Name and Domain for a Scheduling App

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Business Name and Domain for a Scheduling App

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I am looking for a short easy to remember name that has a domain name available (.com) for an app that I'm building. This app will allow users to setup appointments with others as well as notify the user and the person which is setting up the appointment (office for example: customer making an appointment at a doctor's or a client making an appointment with a personal trainer)

Names should contain no hyphens or numbers. also, I would like a one word name or at most two. the shorter the better

Please note that you don't have to stick with only words that mean appointments or scheduler (although recommended) if the name is catchy enough and easily remembers I don't mind distant meaning (like google is a play on the word googol) or even made-up names (again as long as they are catchy and easily remembered and typed)

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