Name for Real-World Photo Sharing Social Network.

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Name for Real-World Photo Sharing Social Network.

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We are looking for a name for a Real-world Photo Sharing App.

The service allows events to set up printers and people will then send in photos which will then be posted onto photowalls.

The app will also be a social network, so people will be able to like & comment on the photos and follow their friends etc.

The name must be fun, catchy and original. Looking for "Web 2.0" kind of names, something abstract. It needs to be something that becomes a common name eg - "How about you "google" that" or "You should post that to "instagram".

Should be easy to pronounce and will be something that will stick in peoples minds for ever!

Target audience is teens and young adults who are interested in other apps like instagram and twitter etc.

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: image photo pic print shot snap wall
instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, flickr, tumblr

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