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Brand Name for an Eshop on Amazon.Com Social Media Later Amazon.Co.Uk and Own We ..

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Hello everyone, I haven't selected a specific product yet, but it looks like I will be selling baby products to begin with. I'd like the brand name to be generic so that I could use it for any product category if I change my mind or decide to diversify in future. I like a combination of letters "th", "ph" (not a must though). The name should be: • Professional yet playful a bit as in it would be nice if it rhymed • Short (ideally a maximum of two/three short words or one longer word could be ok) • Easy to pronounce and remember • As unique and unusual as possible • Available on .com domain (not at an extortionate price though) • Available on the main Social Media platforms. • Meaningful - it would be great if it could have some positive, inspiring meaning. I do like words that are not common, but I’m concerned that people may not know what they mean. Plus, I was checking most of them and domains on .com are taken already. I was thinking of “Mini Me Empire” (available on all platforms and domains but “Empire” sounds a bit weird), “Mini Me World” (I really like this one but it’s not available on most SM platforms), “Ethereal Mini Me”, “Ethereal Mini World” but that restricts me to baby stuff so please suggest also generic brand names. Thank you!!!

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  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for your suggestions so far.

    Can you please come up with some more generic brands that have nothing to do with baby products yet still suitable for them since that would give me more options to branch out into something else later that is not baby related?

    Any comments on what you think is better (baby related brand or not considering the above) would be great.

    I was also considering, if I stick with baby brand to have a Mini Me World and add “official” at the end for social media. Do you think it’s a good idea or shall I better choose a different name? I was also considering My Mini Me World, A Mini Me World or Your Mini Me World but I’m concerned that that may be a bit too long.

    Many thanks!!!

    Posted 2 months ago by Michala_masarykova      

  • First of all, I don't think of "MiniMe" as a baby term because in the Austin Powers movies he is an adult, midget clone of Dr. Evil ( So, from that point of view a store name with MiniMe does not come across as limited to baby products, in fact it's more reminiscent of comedic, adult gags. This is just my view, however, other people may see it otherwise :) is too long, you're better off substituting for world and is good enough because it's only one letter longer and sounds decent.

    But, other names without MiniMe would be good to consider, too-you never know what may come up from the team in the coming days :)

    Posted 2 months ago by Eva Pro      

  • Hi Eva :)

    Thank you for your input, it’s interesting.

    What I meant was to still have Mini Me World as a brand name but to create a profile on social media, I’d have @minimeworldofficial. The page/brand name would still appear as Mini Me World. The problem is that there’s already someone with this name hence I’m thinking that it’s probably not a good idea to have the same.

    Posted 2 months ago by Michala_masarykova