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Blog About Vintage Movie Posters

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This blog will be part of a website that curates rare vintage movie posters from Egypt and the Middle East. The name of the mother company/website is City Lights Posters. You can check the website here: The blog will tackle issues related to history of Middle Eastern movie posters, artists, methods of making, preservation tips, etc..., though the main focus will be history, i.e. to highlight the historical value of the posters. We prefer the name to be 2-3 words. Some keywords about the segments that the name may need to appeal to: collectors, intellectuals, curious, nostalgic, open-minded.

Note: it would be great if each contestant will submit only 1-2 name submissions, only the best they can think of. Don't worry about domain name search, since the blog will be hosted on our website.

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Keyword suggestions: art collector curious history intellectual nostalgic open-minded

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