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Online Video Game Retailer

Name Contest created 1 year ago


Online Video Game Retailer

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I use an unorthodox method of sourcing stock to sell on eBay and believe I have a way of competing against the big online video game retailers (ShopTo, Game.co.uk, simplygames.com etc.)

I'm in the process of building a website and I'm stuck on the domain/name. Most names with the word "games" in it are already taken. Keep in mind that the domain must be available across social media (Facebook & Twitter mainly). However even if the name is taken, send it anyway as it may give me similar ideas.

The brand USP is that express delivery is standard (Fast service) and that the brand is cheaper than every other outlet (even Amazon). However I don't want to devalue the brand by marketing the company as being "cheap" or "discounted".

The website for the brand is also going to be extremely clean and uncluttered with a focus on being cheaper and quicker without complicated deals and discounts. E.g. Aldi/Lidl vs Asda/Tesco. (See http://www.simplygames.com for an example of a cluttered/messy website).

The brand is also going to be heavily focused on customer service, providing a "personal" service (such as the ability to simply talk to the company about games, without having an actual issue).

The brand name must be catchy and doesn't necessarily have to contain the word "game" or "games" but as a new company I feel it may be important (SEO ranking etc.).

The brand uses a light purple (violet) colour scheme. (Hex code: 87485b)

Looking forward to hearing some ideas!

Extra note: focusing more on .co.uk (UK business) rather than .com. But having both available is a huge bonus!

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: cheaper discounted fast games quick
inajiffygames, fastgames, buythatgame

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