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SaaS / Cloud App Monitoring and Control for Businesses

Domain Name Contest created 6 years ago


SaaS / Cloud App Monitoring and Control for Businesses

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Our software gives businesses self-service centralized control over all the SaaS apps they use. Companies can manage users, accounts, and data across Google Apps, Salesforce, Github, Box, and dozens of other external apps.

Our service doesn't require complicated setup or dedicated IT to use - if you can subscribe to Google Apps or set up Mint, you can use our tool. We give you simple and transparent auditing of the services you use, and tools to quickly onboard new employees or terminate departing employees.

We don't want to use the word "cloud" in our name. We require a .com domain. We'll consider inexpensive aftermarket domains. Short invented words are okay - we don't need domain-specific keywords in our name.

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Keyword suggestions: bit connect data fire grid hex hinge hub layer link nova people pipe sky stack star sub sync tap team users wide
Github Hipchat Heroku Huddle

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