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A name that will be easy to connect the on line business with the brick and mortar stores , Must be a pleasant name that gives a sense of security and comfort. Must be a timeless name as well, as I target all markets currently with 2 separate locations I pick up both ends of the spectrum in a rural area, By this I mean 1 targets mainly credit challenged buyers, the other established middle-class buyers. I have been at these locations 7 years and am going through a wicked divorce forcing the name change, need to rebuild the trust I have gained from the community. I have always been a firm believer in the business name should always include the owner's name to give that personal inviting environment, I have never liked anyone that has to hide their Identity to conduct business, But I'm old too so I'm looking for up to date ideas

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  • I forgot that during the transition and after I am keeping my tag line of "We make it simple"

    Posted 7 months ago by Keiths      

  • The city I am in is named Adrian, the Main location is on the corner of Beecher St and Treat St, this corner has always been a car lot since the property was improved in the late 40s, in the corner of the lot there is a raised display area known as "the hill"
    Keiths Korner of Quality,,, ,, don't like the name but the point is there. another thing is I use my middle name Edward ( Eddie) on social media to disassociate my personal opinion from the business

    Posted 7 months ago by Keiths