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Online Bedding Shop

Domain Name Contest created 1 year ago


Online Bedding Shop

Pick the Perfect Name

I am starting an online e-e-commerce and I need a good name and domain to go on my products and to be used as my shop's name. I will be working in a bedding niche and looking to sell mattress protectors and things like that. The products and the name need to have a stylish look/sound, examples already in the market are things like, extra exquisite, safe rest, slinetnight, deepsleep, bettersleep, luxguard, sleepsafe, etc. As you can see, these are usually brands that associate with mattress covers and protectors and that is the type of thing I will be working with. You can also use any word that would give away a luxury, safe, soft, warm and so on to give it that genuine look and sound.

IMPORTANT: please try to keep to two words maximum. they can be a made up word like beddingo for example or two separate words like sweet dreams.

If the name also includes the word bedding, it is even better but any other domains or names like the ones above are also good.

Think of a luxury brand with high quality products with an average/below average price tag and customers would usually be females(with children), families, hotels, and usually adults that care about their bedding and the way their bedroom looks like and also don't want to spend loads on some protector and cover.I know it might sound a bit confusing but I hope it helps.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
extra exquisite, safe rest, slinetnight, deepsleep, bettersleep, luxguard, sleepsafe, Bella Sleep, UltraBlock, SureGuard, The Linen Works, The Linen Press.

Winner: Beduxury.com

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