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A Website for Musicians to Schedule Shared Concerts

Domain Name Contest created 4 years ago


A Website for Musicians to Schedule Shared Concerts

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What is the problem here? doing joint concerts is a means to great exposure for musicians but regrettably is a time consuming process to organize.

How do musicians solve this problem today? they email prospective musicians to negotiate terms for a joint concert; a process that will take weeks to conclude.

How we've solved this problem? with a website that lets you schedule joint concerts immediately.

this gives you the ease of - collaborating with musicians in new markets - doing shows with a built-in audience - having the organizing done by us

Target Audience: musicians

Age Demographic: 18-34

Names thought of this far: Concert Split, Collabb, Village Noise

Long story short: We're the fastest way to grow your fanbase with shared gigs.

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Keyword suggestions: concert gig schudule tribe village

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