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Full Service Site for Screen Actors

Domain Name Contest created 6 years ago


Full Service Site for Screen Actors

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Started with the name Reelize as the site will help actors create and manage demo reels of their work. But the business will be more than that. We're also going to have a member services option that will help actors manage their own careers kind of like old hollywood used to do for their contract players.

So our actors will empower themselves by becoming their own managers and developing their own talent. For example, we will help them with their publicity, style, image, and brand. We will have workshops, mentor programs and salons on things like creating your own content, and adapting to the new media landscape. And while we won't be an acting school per se, we will teach things like the nuts and bolts of acting for the camera. So, our workshops will cover subjects like: making videos go viral or how to hit your marks.

Finally, we will help fund in house production for our members. I think that in many ways, what the business really is is a new kind of old hollywood studio system adapted for the new media landscape. But the focus is on the actors first.

The name I wish we could have but is not free is ACTORWORKS with the play on actors working and a shop. some other sample names I would've gone for if they were available: Act Inc., the actor spot, Talent Pool, Act Up

And thanks to everyone for playing! This is very cool!

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Keyword suggestions: access actors door full-service hub lobby open pool screen talent

Winner: Myactinghub.com

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