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Food/Recipe and Spirits Website

Domain Name Contest created 5 years ago


Food/Recipe and Spirits Website

Pick the Perfect Name

We need to find a name (that's available) for a website in the food and cooking vertical. It will consist of user generated content in the form of recipes and beer/wine pairings. In the future there will be an ecommerce element selling recommended cooking equipment and supplies.

The name can be something generic such as myrecipe.com or deliciousfood.com but I'm also open to creative and crazy ideas that are catchy.

I prefer .com but would be okay with .net and if a catchy enough name was available I'd be open to something like recip.es

We're open to just about anything that if fun an preferably short. Remember, this is a site that goes across multiple verticals within the food industry (Recipes, kitchen supplies/equipment, beer and wine, restaurants). So I would prefer to shy away from something too specific.

For inspiration: http://www.brandbucket.com/category/food-domains/?&sort=datedown http://stylate.com/skill-type/food/

Lastly, this may help. My eventual goal is to cater to the entire eating and dining experience. Its more than the food, its how you make the food, how you pair the food with your beer/wine. The required tools/equipment, the plating. And whether or not its a simple roasted chicken recipe to your "grandma's spaghetti and meatballs".

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: beer cooking equipment food kitchen pairings recipes supplies wine

Winner: CookingNinjas.com

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