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Hey folks,

We are currently developing a website. It's an online corporate gift's marketplace that recommends gifts to organizations, groups , communities or individual who are looking for gift solution for different occasions. We are hoping to come out a catchy name for it . Here are the requirements:

  1. A short and catchy domain name (preferably one or two syllable).
  2. Domain name can't be more than 10 characters.
  3. Domain is preferably the Top Level Domains.
  4. Domain must be in English.
  5. Domain must be unused and available for immediate purchase.
  6. Domain can either use a compounds (e.g facebook), tweaked words, made-up words, a mascot (e.g. hamster) or any names relate to the concept nature (i.e. gifts related)

We look forward to hearing from your creative mind! :) Thanks.


Name Types :
  • Compounds (FaceBook, YouTube, WordPress)
  • Tweaked words (Flickr, Lyft, Pinterest)
  • Made-up words (e.g. Yammer, Etsy, Skype)
  • Open to all ideas
Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted

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